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EMBEC - The Conference

General Information about the Conference 

  1. EMBEC conferences shall be organized periodically every 3 years

  2. EMBEC conferences shall not come into temporal conflict with the World Conferences on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

  3. EMBEC conferences can take place in any European country

Application and Agreement

  1. Competent groups may apply by sending a “letter of Intent” to the President of EMBEC Helmut Hutten (  )
  2. An agreement will be signed between the respective group and the Verein EMBEC about the “Transfer of Right to Organize a European Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering under the name EMBEC”.
  3. The Verein EMBEC does not demand financial compensation or any other compensation for giving this right to the organizer.
  4. The Verein EMBEC does not take any responsibility for the organization of the EMBEC conference, neither in financial nor in scientific nor in any other respect. The total responsibility including the organizational details is in hands of the respective organizer.
  5. The organizer agrees to provide an appropriate award ceremony for the EMBEC Scientific Award including the presentation of the work by the laureate. The Verein EMBEC will cover the financial charges with regard to the money for the award or any other financial support provided to the laureate, but will not cover charges for the award ceremony.